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Chat with Izzy

“Hi there, if you’re a creator wanting to chat about your next career steps or a brand looking to hook-up with the latest talent, then drop me a line or give me a call – we’re here to help!”

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Izzy Field

Chat with Phil

“Hi, great to meet you. I’m Phil and together with Alex we run the IPOS ACTIVATE pillar, making sure all our customer projects run like clockwork. If want to talk anything activations-based, then give me a shout.”

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Chat with Phil

“Hi, great to meet you. I’m Alex and together with Phil we run the IPOS ACTIVATE pillar, making sure all our customer projects run like clockwork. If want to talk anything activations-based, then give me a shout.”

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Chat with Scott

“Hey, I’m Scott, Head of IPOS CREATE. If you’d like to chat anything creative, then please give me a shout. We’re a friendly team with years of experience.”

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Scott Waldron

Chat with Tim

“Hi, I’m Tim and I lead the IPOS IGNITE pillar, helping brands just like yours at the earliest stages in your creative journey. I’m always up for a chat, so drop me a note or give me a call.”

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Tim Nash

A bold new direction for IPOS

Home5 Blog / latest news5A bold new direction for IPOS

Stockport-based creative agency IPOS, which has worked with some of the world’s leading retail, fashion, cosmetic and homeware brands over the last 18 years, has embarked on its next chapter with a fresh approach, strengthened by two new senior appointments and the acquisition of a content creator management agency.

The award winning agency has redefined its services and commitment to providing a holistic level of support across the entire client journey, from insightful strategies and powerful idea generation to digital engagement and in-store activation. Now, IPOS will operate across four key pillars – IGNITE, CREATE, ENGAGE and ACTIVATE.

Left-to-right: Izzy, Samm and Tim.

Retail expert Tim Nash, who brings with him over 20 years’ experience delivering visual concepts for global brands, has joined as Head of IGNITE, which will provide strategy, research and insights. Tim has worked both inhouse and agency-side for brands and has become a leading voice for the future of the industry, alongside curating Shop Drop Daily – a platform featuring the world’s most innovative retail brand concepts.

As of 20th March, Field Management, a content creator management agency that supports and manages online talent and brings brands and content creators together, has become part of IPOS. Its founder, Izzy Field, is now working as Head of ENGAGE to unite brands and content creators and help to amplify and promote campaigns.

CREATE, headed up by Creative Lead Scott Waldron, will help brands to develop stories, creative concepts and assets, while ACTIVATE, led by Project Leads Alex Hulston and Phil Moffett, will ensure efficient rollout of designs and concepts from production to installation, both in-store and for events.

Samm Lloyd, founder of IPOS, said: “We’ve been busy working behind the scenes for several months developing the new strategic direction of IPOS. Over the last 18 years, we’ve been proud to work with many leading brands, but we have greater ambitions to work at a deeper level with our clients. Our new structure ensures that strategic insights underpin the creative projects we develop for our clients. Through our new appointments and structure, our innovative ideas for bringing brands to life can now be featured across different channels, including digital content creators. The way consumers interact with brands has changed dramatically, and with the acquisition of Field Management, the appointments of Izzy Field and Tim Nash, alongside our updated ways of working with clients, mean we’re in an extremely strong position to help brands blaze a trail.”

Tim Nash, Head of IGNITE, said: “I’ve known IPOS for many years and have always loved what they do. When I started to have conversations with them about how they were planning on redefining their offering to help brands have a more considered and creative approach, I was excited about the direction the agency was going as it matched my approach and passion for bringing brands to life in the physical space. Whether it’s exploring innovative ways of engaging with customers in real life or creating concepts that have impact both on and offline, IPOS is now able to offer a full 360 creative approach for brands globally.”

Izzy Field, Head of ENGAGE, said: “It was important for me to partner with a business that had clear synergy with what we were doing at Field Management and shared the ethos of providing a bespoke, personable service to both content creators and brands. It was clear from the start that the values of IPOS were aligned with my own. Together, we will be able to create campaigns that work across the digital and in-store worlds, helping leading and emerging brands to reach millions of potential buyers. It is incredibly exciting to be joining the team at such a milestone moment in the history of IPOS.”