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Chat with Phil

“Hi, great to meet you. I’m Alex and together with Phil we run the IPOS ACTIVATE pillar, making sure all our customer projects run like clockwork. If want to talk anything activations-based, then give me a shout.”

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Tim Nash

“Brompton Electric” Campaign

The Brief

The electric bike market is both crowded and confused. Brompton needed their “Brompton Electric” model to be clearly differentiated not only from its competition but also from the conventional bikes in the Brompton range.

IPOS were approached to create, build and deliver a window and POS campaign to feature the Electric model in both the brand’s own “Junction” stores and their wholesale account stores across Europe.

The problem was further complicated by the need to adapt the project deliverables to ensure a successful installation across a diverse estate in terms of store layout. Furthermore, it was a client requirement that store staff be able to complete the installations at some locations.

What We Did 

What We Did 

What We Did 

What We Did 

What We Did 

What We Did 

What We Did 

For this project, we called upon the following IPOS pillars

Who delivered the complete project, including …

Creative direction | Design | 3D Visualisation | Project managment | Art-working | Installation

The Outcome

The campaign delivered on all its requirements. The client reported raised awareness of the Electric range, and this has translated into sales.


Increase in sales


Increase in blue colour


Change in regular sales

The process

IPOS held discovery sessions with Brompton and conducted an analysis of their customer profile. From this, we formulated a strategy aiming to encouraging consumers to test ride the electric bike, as it was clear that the true value and desirability of the electric model was best realised with a real-world hands-on experience.

Once the project reached the studio the ideas started to be formed and sketched were produced. Material choice, construction, budgets and production times were all considered throughout the design phase.

After the initial ideas were presented to the client, and approved, the sketches were passed on to the in-house 3D team to refined the visuals and bring the concepts to life through photo-real renderings.

Once the visuals were signed off, we began the prototype development phase. Multiple iterations were created to ensure all project specifications were met or exceeded. Special care and attention was taken to ensure the colours produced matched or complimented the existing brand guidelines and current store assets.

Furthermore, because each element of the installed POS, including:

  • swing tags
  • display cubes
  • info stands
  • e-flyers

were produced with unique QR codes, Brompton have been able to gain greater insight into the performance of assets in varying locations both in terms of consumer behaviour and brand engagement.